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"So You Want To Be An Internet Marketer..."

By Chris Small

Virtually every day some one asks me what they can do to be successful as an Internet Marketer. Following are some proven guidelines for Internet success.

Most people want to start off part time and after they build the business up, go full time. This is the correct way to do it, but be forewarned... Your life will not be the same!

The first thing to go will be time in front of the TV. It just won't hold your interest as much as Internet Marketing does. You'll get up earlier in the morning to check email and respond to inquiries, etc.. After work, again you'll put in two, three, four or more hours. Yeah, the second thing to go is sleep. Who needs sleep when there's money to be made. :-)

Seriously though, be advised, you should get completely organized and set up BEFORE doing any kind of major promotion. I know... when you're just starting out you wonder if anyone will come to your site...trust me, they will... not overnight mind you, but come they will. And they will want to respond to your offers and ask you questions about your products and services before they buy. You must be prepared. Get ready now. You can always make changes to your materials on the fly, but make sure that you have some materials.

Set up templates and stationery files in your email program with pertinent information to peoples questions. You may want to look into setting up some autoresponders. Post lots of information on your site pages that you can refer people to. Form alliances with other knowledgeable/experienced web savvy people. Make like a Boy Scout... Be Prepared!

The MOST important thing that you can do to be successful as an Internet Marketer (in my mind anyway) is to start an opt in ezine. Odds are that if someone simply surfs over to your pages and even see's something that catches their attention, they most likely won't buy right then. BUT, if they hear from you every week and are encouraged to go back to your site regularly, YOU will become a part of their Internet experience and they will come to trust and respect your opinion.

The next most valuable marketing tool that you have at your disposal is your website. If you've been a subscriber to this ezine for any length of time you know what's coming next.


It's an absolute necessity for a serious marketer. I have two domains and know of many other people who have multiple domains linked together. You've probably been to sites where they clump 101 affiliate programs in with their own products and services and top it off with banners for other unrelated sites. What a mess, how do they expect to sell anything? Each domain should be for a specific purpose.

The presentation of your site is critical. Click-happy surfers need to WOWED with a crisp clean professional look combined with positive selling copy. I'm not talking about graphics heavy pages that take forever to load either. Make sure that your wording and layout keep the surfer interested and eager to read the next line - there are tons of books and reports available on this subject.  Enough said.

You should also offer lots of FREE information (both on your site and in your ezine). One method that I like is information reports.  You are welcome to copy and paste these ones - email me for text only versions (Please leave the resource box intact).  Of course you'll want to write your own as well.

Another good idea is to offer FREE E-books. If you are an authority on any aspects of Internet Marketing consider setting up a Real Audio training library. You can also conduct telephone interviews with established authorities and put them in your library pages.

The Beginning...

So turn off the TV, get up early, prepare your materials in advance, start an ezine, get your own unique domain, design it professionally and load it up with FREE stuff. That's it, right.... well no, that's just the beginning. Then there's the products, the offers, the promotions, search engines, banners, etc.. Hmmm, sounds like work doesn't it? Are you up to the task? Stay tuned we'll be going into more details on each of these subjects in upcoming issues.

Feel free to contact me for further information or assistance. We are here to help YOU.

Chris Small is a cyber entrepreneur and host of several
successful websites. If you would like to read more articles
like this by Chris go to www.worlddealcenter.com/reports

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